Friday, August 5, 2011

Chrome bakes Android

There is so many innovations announced day by day in the world of web browsers. And these innovations are usefull too. to make themself strengther 'google' has announced their plan to bake android like web contents into the browser chrome. android is a famous and usefull platform used by do much of people. the services that provides by the baking of android will 'definitely increase the usage of Google Chrome'
                                                        Now, google has announced that its planning to integrate web intents into the google chrome browser. This news comes on the heels of mozilla's announcement that mozilla is also working on the project. By the integration of web intents our style of communication will become very easier.
                                                                              On android, if you are installing a  new image editing application the default gallery app doesn't have to integrate any special API due to the sending of the photo to the web image editing app. This will make the application very easier to use. This news will make slightly confusion but this invention will be a great donation to the war between the web browsing and the companys......