Thursday, April 5, 2012

 What is your opinion about a country oriented Search Engine Giant who is fighting against Global Tech Giant, Google ? Even if you tease them, they will not react if they have much confidence. It is very sure that Russian Search Engine Giant, Yandex is very confident. Yandex Is Launching A Cloud Storage Service Which Offers 10 GB Of Free Storage. The service is named "Yandex Disk." 

 Today, Yandex has launched the beta Version of "Yandex Disk" which let you for storing files and accessing from any internet enabled device. Since the company is only aiming in Russia, The beta version is only available in Russia. The internet company is also launching some other services like (Maps, Navigator, photo sharing, social networking search). 

 Still Google Drive is behind the stage which is rumored to provide 5 GB Cloud File Storage also including Docs Editing And Managing Capabilities. In this time after announcing, An Internet Firm in China has launched a Cloud File Storage service which is a big rival for Microsoft's Skydrive, DropBox, Box and Apple's iCloud. So the cloud computing field is being tight and tough to move on again (For Companies and Not For Users.)
  Let us have a look at Yandex even it is not available for us. As featured in Site, the service offers 10GB Of Free Cloud File Storage Space for personal documents, photos, music, or videos. Interestingly, Yandex.Disk also automatically saves all attachments to the emails in their Yandex.Mail account. The service accessible through Web Interface, PC, Mac Books, iOS Devices and Android Smartphones. They have also included an extension to Yandex Mail App from those Smartphone Apps. 

  Yandex.Disk supports synchronization between devices, enabling users to save and edit text files, for example, from multiple PCs. Currently, Yandex disk is granted for users through Invitation. Hope Yandex can expand their service to Global From Only Russia. Anyway it will be a great rival to Google Drive even it is only featured in Russia.

Image Source : Oracle And Wikipedia