Monday, April 2, 2012

   We are unfamiliar with Yahoo Developers. But the unfamiliar firm has done a huge contribution to Open Source and thus helping to make Cross Platform Applications. Because Yahoo Has Contributed Mojito, their framework for Open Source and Its Development.
  The framework, Mojito, is a “JavaScript-centric presentation platform for connected devices”, built by Yahoo! developers to bring content to customers no matter what platform or device they’re on. Such the variety of Platforms can be neglected while developing. Yahoo explains Mojito as following. 

 "If you want to build apps that reach all your customers, anywhere and everywhere, this might ring a bell. Today you have to make hard choices, mutex choices – I hate those. Build a desktop Web site? Build a mobile Web site? Build an app? Translation: an iOS app? Or an Android app?

Mmmmh. Must I pick one?

Here’s an idea: build a standards-based application, and tailor it to the device it runs on. Make it degrade nicely, on all the devices. Easier said than done, for sure, but having a solid framework in place helps a lot. That’s Mojito (and YUI3). We’ve been working with Mojito for a while internally, building hybrid apps like Yahoo! Livestand. Or Fantasy Finance, a Web site. Or Fantasy Premier League Football, a mobile Web app. All three are built using Mojito because it lets you develop one codebase for any type of device. Think of the reduced effort!"

  Letting this framework go into the wild for developers is an extremely smart move by Yahoo! as more companies are starting to give back to the community to build their brand and remain relevant. And by adding their own framework in the label of Open Source, Yahoo is aiming that developers can make this framework rich and rich by adding a lot of features to it. The mentioned framework is now available on GitHub and you May Download It From Here