Monday, April 9, 2012

   Google was trying to publicize their social networking platform in the world of Internet by launching Google+ Pages for Brands And Companies Along With Google+ Public Profiles. And for someone, those pages were useful as a medium for analyzing their traffic and popularity of content. 

 Most of web developers (Mainly Bloggers) will be accessing Google Analytics for getting a complete data statistics of their website including traffic and visitors. And the Latest News Says that Google Analytics Service Will Be Available For Google+ Pages Soon. Even Facebook is providing page stats for users, while Google is back. State Of Search Reports That 

    To measure a page you only have to make a new profile in Analytics and then paste the unique tracking ID in the settings from the Google+ page, this is the same way you can currently measure Picasa Web Albums. Also there is a button to make a new Analytics profile directly from within the page. By measuring a page this way the statistics are separately from a existing profile so you can’t combine it with a existing profile from your own company website.

   It’s also important to note that other Google properties like Picasa have long been integrated with Analytics. And since Google+ received top billing over Android in Larry Pages’ Update from the CEO, it makes sense that the social platform would be next on the list. And the move is showing that Google is being Interconnected with all it's developer features. However the integration will be useful for Web Developers For Sure.