Tuesday, April 3, 2012

   Good news for students. Are you fed up of your Text books and heavy weight of school bags ? Then go to china. Hope you have read about Aakash, India's trump card to digitalize education systems by distributing Tablet PCs for low price. But China has obviously broken that move. As China Daily Reports, Authorities of Jinling High School in Nanjing city has allowed Students to Bring Their Apple iPad instead of Text Books From Next September, While Next Term Starts. And the move is believed to be repeated by all other schools soon. 

 But Its unknown about whom will pay for this iPads since its costly - Government Or School Or Students Itself. The iPads can set students free from the burden of carrying school bags, said Xin Qihua, vice director of the school's international department. The school also remarks that using iPads for teaching will increase the interaction between students and teachers such make education more effective.

 And of course there is needless to say about data availability since Internet and it's servers containing fresh and right knowledge is very near to iPad. Even the iPads are costly, it could decrease the total expenditure of a schooler because other study materials like Notebooks, Pen, Pencil and Reference Books are out of the game while using iPad. Whenever the system is expected to make education comfortable, some are worried that Students will install games on these iPads and it could effect studies But the school authorities have strongly replied that teachers will be technically aware about these problems and they could help students to escape from gaming.

  To lighten the load on students in primary and high schools, local governments have been pondering the idea sometime whether to allow students to use devices like laptops. When neglecting about the consequences, this movement is very nice and useful for comfortable education. So hope this movement will be appreciated and repeated by other schools and also to be transferred to other countries especially to India (As a student of India the weight of Schoolbags are sometimes unable to tolerate.) And i am also sad because the Aakash Tablet is still behind the stage and we don't know when it will arrive at our hands under low price label. Anyway, hats of china for introducing such useful systems in education field.