Friday, March 9, 2012

          Text messaging while driving is not much easy as well as secure. When talking while driving is prohibited, Mobile Communication system is dead in the driving time. But all the uncomfortably has a solve in Tech World. Sonalight, An Android Application will allow Android users to communicate via text while driving through their Sonalight Text By Voice Technology Enabled Application. And this app is perfect for texting while travelling. Its a little more specific about texting more than SIRI isn't it ? 

  Debut of this Android App was in last October but through the course of the YC program, the team made a lot of improvements to the technology on the back-end. The latest version (v.3), introduced in February, for adding several enhancements and bringing a great look and content. This application works completely hands-free. The app does have to be launched initially, but then it just runs in the background, ready for activation. The keyword trigger to kick it into action is “text by voice.” 

“Our product has come a long way…it used to not work very well at all,” Sonalight co-founder Spenser Skates says. “ We've improved our product tremendously, along both the voice recognition back-end and the user interface,” he also adds. By introducing this Text by Voice Technology, Company's goal is to find more ways to find how voice can be used for interaction with Mobile Devices.

Sonalight, which has been used to send over 350,000 text messages to date and has over 40,000 downloads on Android, is now available for free from the Android Market Sorry Google Play From Here