Saturday, March 10, 2012

    Social Media has a great role in a case of a Website/Blog. The main role is because of the Influence Of Our Website Links in Social Media. And this influence makes a very big variation in Traffic of our site. And there is a new way for finding the Social Influence Of Our Website. will help you to Analyze social Influence of your link and Your Website's Sitemap too. 

    If you are lazy to insert each link and find influence, you can Scan Your Website's Sitemap and find Social Influence of all links. You’ll see an easy-to-scan list of all the pages/articles in your sitemap and how they’re performing online. You also have the option to export the results as a CSV File. And as said before, you can also scan Social Influence of Individual links through Check Link Option.

 But if you are in free version, you have a limitation of 5 links which can be analysed. And usually you need PRO version to scan more individual Links Cost of this PRO Pack is not available yet. After the scan the Application brings report of Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Twitter, Stumbles, Digg like Social Network Presence Of Scanned Link Or Sitemap. 

          This service is still in Private Beta Stage. This tool can be used not only to know the Social Influence of our own website but also for Public URLs. Such its also help for who want to compare themselves with competitors and to make their websites better as possible. So through this tool, you could also know how well the Specified URL is present in Social Media World. Since the service is in Private Beta, you are required an invitation to use this Free Service. You may Pre-Register for this service in their Homepage