Monday, March 19, 2012

   Samsung's Galaxy S III And Apple iPad are the mobile devices which are rumored in most amount. When the case of iPad 3 has gained it's end, S III is still moving with rumors. And the section of processor has got a point when an unnamed Samsung executive told The Korea Times that one of its 32-nanometer chips will debut in the company’s most expected handset.

   Last year, Samsung has mentioned in a blog that it would be marketed as a Exynos 4412 chip that would feature four processing-cores. The chip has a 32-NanoMeter quad-core design with ARM Cortex-A9 cores running at speeds up to 1.5 GHz. The unnamed Samsung Executive also commented that 

“We don’t think there will be big technology-related problems as we have already tested our telecommunications chips in some smartphones and tablets for consumers in North America. Also, Google’s first reference mobile, the Galaxy Nexus, is using Samsung’s telecom chips,’’ said the executive.
     Samsung has a stronger intent to lower its dependence on Qualcomm and our technicians believe that we have made significant progress in producing logic-based chips for high-end devices, combined logic and memory chips for graphic controllers and core communication chips for Internet-enabled consumer devices,’’ he added.

The company had said that they will launch Samsung Galaxy S II Before The Second Half of the year. Rumor mill will never stop until the production of such devices are stopped. So do not believe in any news because future may show, whether your thoughts were right or not.