Friday, March 2, 2012

  As you may have known that Tech Giant Microsoft has Released the Consumer Preview Of Windows 8Microsoft's newest Operating System And most of us were waiting for Windows 8's Launch. This post is about what features/services makes Windows 8 differ from Windows 7 Or Other Operating Systems. Let us have a rough look On Windows 8 Beta Version(Still i haven't experienced This Beta Version{Actually Not Beta}). 

 About The Change ?

    Microsoft states that there are 10,000 Total Changes in Windows 8 when compared to Windows's Previous Versions. Microsoft wants to remind the world that this is pre-release software, but the fact remains that what we were given today is not a beta. Beta implies a very rough bit of software that may change greatly. Windows 8's Biggest and Nice Additions are the following.
  • The Windows Store is now in beta, and is usable;
  • UI improvements to the Start Screen;
  • The Consumer Preview contains Internet Explorer Platform Preview 5, a new version of the browser;
  • SkyDrive integration improvements ;
  • You can now use Semantic Zoom;
  • A new User Interface For App Switching has been added;
  • According to Microsoft, the Consumer Preview: “ Improves Performance, Quality and Reliability Across All Subsystems compared to the Earlier Developer Preview;”
  • Your Live ID is now your Microsoft account, so get used to that;
  • Better preview apps. This is critical. The old set of app previews were written by a cadre of interns, and it showed. You have new toys to play with in the Consumer Preview.
  • Improved Spell Checking that appears to be system-wide;
  • Charms now always appear on the right side of the screen.
 And windows 8 is awesome with it's Metro Style Apps which will be working too in Tablet PCs. 

Something More . . 

 Things to keep in mind include how quickly the new Windows Store for apps is taken up by developers, how the Consumer Preview is spun by the mainstream (by that we mean mass market) press, and how confident Microsoft appears after the new code has been floating around for a few weeks. It’s important to keep in mind that the commercial functions of the Windows Store are not yet available. 

 These data is not enough to conclude whether the Windows 8 is better Or Not. I Can Write a real Review only after sometimes. So Get Ready For Hands On Review Soon.