Wednesday, March 21, 2012

     Google's famous Web Browser, Google Chrome had became World's Most Popular Web Browser. But the domination was Only One Day lengthy. As per the Data Chart of Website Analytics Service StatCounter, on March 18, Chrome became the world’s number one browser for the day. 

  As the image following adds, With a 32.71% of Browser usage Google Chrome Topped at the statistics narrowly neglecting Internet Explorer which was with a 32.5% Usage Share. Even the Mozilla and Opera were at backside, We could analyze the tight competition of IE and Chrome that being stronger day by day. 

    Google had been trying to increase the number of Chrome Users through some billboard posters, partly in TV adverts and also including it with Download packs. Whatever the stats says about chrome, it has been the famous and superb Web Browser. Because my friends are hardcore lovers of Chrome Browsing as well as i am.