Saturday, March 3, 2012

    Apple has now Announced that Apple's App Store Has Crossed 25 Billion App Downloads Today. This App store has a 48.6 App Downloads per day. The countdown to 25,000,000,000 apps began on February 17th when Apple said it would give away a $10K gift card to the person who downloaded the app — or filed a claim in its non-purchase form — that broke the record .

  Apple had taken three years to reach the 15 billion download mark while the latest 10 billion apps have been downloaded in less than eight months! Considering Apple announced hitting the 15 billion download mark on July 7, 2011. Apple had also arranged a contest connected to this and The results will be published soon. 

   Apple is currently clocking an average of over 1.25 billion app downloads a month. With an installed base of 315 million iOS devices and the impending launch of the iPad 3 next week, Apple’s next 10 billion app downloads could happen within the next five months, just in time for the next iPhone announcement.