Thursday, February 2, 2012

    Today some Facebook users has been started receiving updates which states that Facebook Is Adopting A New Way For Photo Layout. Now these months Facebook is busy in testing and bringing new features for Facebook users. In this change, Facebook increase the size of its photo viewer and adapt the alignment of the comments and Likes on images. 
   This layout is a sibling of the photo layout which is seen in Google+ Meanwhile it has a strong match to Google+. This has been notified by Julien Giard's tweet which had posted a screenshot of Facebook photo which was posted By Mark Zuckerberg. 

  Now we could see a severe fight between Google+ and Facebook by introducing brand new features. In September, Facebook was accused of copying Google’s Circles feature when it launched its new Lists, allowing users to categorise friends and family and post updates to selected friend groups.
   Whatever it is, this new photo layout is very useful since its making the comments and likes compact and easier to see. Facebook has also included embedded advertisements in this new photo layout. 

     Update : Got It Got It I Have Seen This Photo Layout On My Facebook Account Today(2/9/2012)