Monday, February 27, 2012

      Web is always with us. Recently Mozilla Has Announced About Their Partnership With telecommunications operator, Telef√≥nica, in a way to provide Better On The Go Web Experiences. Mozilla’s Open Web Devices (OWD) aims to provide a Consistent Experience Across Platforms. The platform is a part of Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project

   By using Web Based Technologies in Smartphone field, Actually Mozilla is bringing Smartphone Features At Mass Market Prices. As they revealed in MWC, with support from Adobe and Qualcomm, Mozilla and Telef√≥nica’s aim is to bring HTML5, as a platform, to the forefront of the mobile industry.

   As a part of this, Mozilla is previewing Open Web Apps and Mozilla Marketplace. Thus developers can register and gain access to the tools and know how to build an HTML5 Application. The marketplace provides developers with a place to distribute their newly created apps. As Mozilla points out, its aim is not to replace existing marketplaces, but rather offer developers and users “an alternate marketplace that provides a wide variety of high quality HTML5 apps that work across the widest number of devices and platforms.”.

   So Mozilla is planning to make an ERA of HTML5 as a part of Boot To Gecko. Lets See how this project will influence the tech World.