Tuesday, February 21, 2012

       Recently about two days before there were a news that Microsoft is going to release an massive update for its cloud storage service, SkyDrive and Application for Windows 8 OS. A Website Gemind had posted that Microsoft are advertising downloadable clients for Mac OS and Windows, along with a screenshot of SkyDrive's Web Interface. Today in an announcement on the Building Windows 8 blogMicrosoft confirmed desktop sync, a SkyDrive Metro app, and remote file retrieval

*SkyDrive Metro Style Application On Windows 8 : This Metro style application will be cleanly installed inside Microsoft's latest Operating System, Windows 8. Microsoft calls the program a “Fast, Fluid, Touch-First Version Of SkyDrive that makes it quick and easy to browse your files and access them via any Metro style app.” This is expected; Microsoft will bake as many goodies as it can into Windows 8 to make it as beefy as possible.
SkyDrive's Metro Style Application On Windows 8

     One of the most powerful features in Windows 8 is the ability to Integrate SkyDrive functionality across other apps using charms and contracts. SkyDrive is available as a file picker, so from any app you’ll be able to open files from, and save files to your SkyDrive. Microsoft also will will bring a file cloud to every Metro style app, allowing you to open files in your SkyDrive and save them right back to your SkyDrive just like you would on your local hard drive. This will work with any app that supports open and save for documents and photos, and will be the first time anything like this has been possible without any setup or configuration.

*Desktop File Synchronization : Skydrive's Desktop Sync facility will support files Upto 2 GB size and capable of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Operating Systems. Microsoft claims that a new feature will allow us to “easy drag and drop upload and download access to your data, offline access and the power of Windows Explorer to manage files and folders.” To start,Microsoft has built a very simple, highly efficient app. This app will be available with an installer that’s less than 5MB and that takes about 10 seconds to install. You’ll only need to install it once per PC, as SkyDrive will always keep itself up-to-date.
SkyDrive On Windows 8 Desktop

     In its blog post, Microsoft claims a three-fold vision for how SkyDrive should function for the end user: “SkyDrive Metro style app on Windows 8; SkyDrive files integrated into Windows Explorer on the desktop; and the ability to fetch remote files through SkyDrive.com.” Microsoft also does some change in revenue because The company will charge a yearly fee for extra gigabytes of data storage, up to 100 for $54. For now, that remains a rumor. With SkyDrive in Windows 8, you won’t just have cloud files synced to your PC. You can also turn your entire PC into your own private cloud, and use its terabytes of local storage to easily access, browse, and stream your files from anywhere by simply fetching them from SkyDrive.com. 
 So let us hope SkyDrive with its maximum capability when expected Windows 8 OS is announced and all with mentioned features to build a Cloud World.