Thursday, February 9, 2012

    The Latest Update(17.0.963.46 m) of Famous Web Browser, Google Chrome is bringing you Faster Web Browsing. when you start typing in Chrome’s address box, as soon as Chrome auto-completes the URL you’re likely to visit, it will prerender the page, making your overall browsing experience faster. 
Google Chrome Update
  This update also deals with some security features. Now, Chrome Checks Executable Files that you have downloaded from internet. It matches the executable against a whitelist  and if it can’t find the file there, it does some additional checks. For example, if the site you’re visiting hosts a high number of malicious downloads, Chrome will let you know.
    This Update Is One Day After Launch Of Chrome For Android Devices. You Can Download Google Chrome's Latest Version From Here Or Update Through Settings--> About Chrome --> And Chrome Will Start Updating. Wish You A Happy Speediest Web Browsing.