Monday, February 6, 2012

    Facebook and Google has taken Indian Court's warning with very importance and so they also see Indian as their aim to grow more. As per NDTV's report, it was said by Google & Facebook that Facebook and Google has already removed those abusive and objectionable content which was the source of civil suite against 21 internet companies including Facebook & Google. The next hearing of court is set to be in coming March 13th

      The civil case being heard today accuses firms like Yahoo of allowing "anti-religious" and "anti-social" content that could provoke communal tension. Facebook said today that on the basis of the material that had been shared with them, there was nothing to remove. More details have now been supplied to these companies by the man who has taken them to court.
    As a part of this issue, Indian court had also warned those companies that Indian will follow China's lead and will ban websites which are not ready to follow Indian laws. The petitioner in today's civil case is Mufti Aizaz Arshad Kazmi. He filed his suit in December, days before another Delhi resident Vinay Rai filed the criminal case against the online firms. In response to Mr Kazmi's petition, all the concerned companies had been asked to delete the content in question by today. Still the issue reaches a definite end, the stability of internet giants including our favourit Google & Facebook is not assured.