Friday, February 3, 2012

        Its very interesting and funny while analyzing the data which is recently published by Google. Its get more importance since the report is about famous mobile Operating System Android

    The latest report states that Android Gingerbread(v2.3.3 - v2.3.7) is dominating the all Android Handsets by 58% of presence. But Ice Cream Sandwich which means Android 4.0 has only included in 1% of Android devices. The data was taken in a two week period ending February 1, during which Google measured and analysed visitors to its Android Market.

      Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt took a different approach to the issue, however, when he said that the different flavors give greater choice to mobile owners. This variation is one factor that Schmidt thinks will see Android become developers’ number one choice ahead of iOS by June this year. Still Google has provided no about number of devices to get this report. ICS was launched expecting a big number of users and popularity but this news is making ICS lovers a little bit sad.