Wednesday, February 22, 2012

   Are you leading with a website/blog which has a bunch of visitors ? Then you may be very eager about its security Especially now, where even Govt. websites are becoming the toys of hackers. So Many security systems are available from McAfee and Cisco, if you are running a very big website among with professional blogging services such as Wordpress VIP etc. Still small bloggers with not much revenue and financial background is much doubtful about their website's security the main reason is that there is no security service which is apt for small blogs running on wordpress.

   You, as an owner of a website may have hope that to get a security system which atleast take action against hacking activities through spontaneous updating. I think 6Scan has understood this feeling and thats why 6Scan Is Launching Their Auto-Updating Web Site Protection Service Today and selected WordPress As First Medium to be a bodyguard for websites. launching a WordPress plugin today that automatically scans and updates to protect against the latest issues coming up across the web. 'Automatically' here refers that the company’s security team monitors the web and does its own research to find problems, then pushes an update to all of its users. These go out about every hour, according to cofounder and chief executive Nitzan Miron, as they’re discovered and added to the company’s system.

 This Service is available in three types of pricing. The First one is Free And It provides Patrol, Email Notifications, and Community Support. You have to pay $10 if you need Patrol, Bodyguard, Zero-Day-Research, SMS/Email Notifications, and Premium Email Support. You should contact 6Scan team if you still need more features than this like 24/7 Website Monitoring and 24/7 Phone Support. 

  Currently this awesome security service is Only Available For Wordpress enabled Websites/blogs. The company has announced that Services for Other CMS including Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Amazon EC2 are getting ready in beta version. And its clear that 6Scan is aiming at small but great websites which are not capable of using high costly security services such as Dasient, Armorize, StopTheHacker and CodeGuard. In its private beta, 6Scan has already added up a few thousand customers and it shows This service is going to be a grand success and a bless to so many websites.