Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mobile phone chargers are a little bit problem when it has to face the limitation of length. And i feel often think if there were some wireless chargers then no problem. Anyway Today this problem has gained an super solution since TI has announced their second generation Wireless Power Chips. This solution re-charges your device through electrons. 

 The new solutions meet the 5W Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) standard, and have a smaller total package area. TI demoed the BQ51013 second generation small form factor power Rx PCB charging a variety of devices, including a Kindle. Now the company has developed chargers for smartphones which has a standard of 5V But the company stated that they have started development an i-pad variance for charger with 10V power supply. 
       At present, inductive chargers for smartphones generally require an external sleeve or accessory battery cover with the inductive coil and charger inside. Newer second-generation Rx solutions will drive down the size of the Inductive charging solution, and inductive coils PCB (instead of hand-wound coils) will make it possible to eventually also make including wireless charging support on the boards themselves. No details about its launch is revealed. Anyway lets see how can it change mobiles comfortably.