Monday, January 9, 2012

The cloud computing is being famous and commercial now. At this time WeVideo is gonna rock with making their cloud based Video Editor commercial by setting up a commercial. This service was announced in last October with Youtube video integration. Now We-Video has 125,000 users who creates 1000 Video projects a day using this cloud computing based Video editing service.
               Sometimes we are not able to store video editors in our desktops and for those who like this, WeVideo is a blessing since it offers nice processing speeds on demand. And if you are ready to upgrade, company will provide you increase in speed too. For paid members there is some addition - videographers can collaborate on projects together, where all project members can share their video clips via a single interface. Let us analyse the general plan, The general plan offers you a 1 GB workspace you can make it 1GB-100GB by paying about $6.99 to $79.99. The enterprise version includes a configuration layer that allows companies to add their own branding, full API level support, a centralized shared storage architecture and advanced administrative controls for collaboration, editing, management review and video export options. Anyway hope this service will also help in making a new era of Cloud Computing.