Friday, January 20, 2012

       First of all i should say its my first software review. Somedays before i had visited Nokia's website which had forced me to shut down browser before about 1 year. But the website is now much simplified but great with its smooth design and easier ability to get what we need.They have updated our OVI suite to latest 'Nokia Suite' this software which helps to sync mobile devices with PC is familiar to us in the name 'Nokia PC Suite'. Anyway let me tell you more about this software. 


       Nokia Suite with a offline installer which size 87 MB which can be downloaded from Here. Days before i had lost my current internet connection. I had seen Nokia Suite in my cousin's computer and so i decided to download Nokia suite and use it to connect to internet. And thats why i started used Nokia Suite(PC Suite) after one year. And so you can easily connect your Mobile device to PC. I am using a Symbian s40 mobile device, Nokia 5130 Xpress Music Classic. And the whole review is based on my device. You could Move photos, videos, music and more between your phone and computer with Nokia Suite. You can also get software updates for your phone, back up your data, and download apps, music, and free street maps as per the description in Nokia's website. But here i am only reviewing some of these services (Main Problem is Slow Internet). This software is also attractive because of it's blue and white color combination and simple but great UI

Connecting Device

Its much easier to connect to internet through Nokia Suite When compared to old, Nokia PC Suite. When we have plugged our device into PC, it will automatically sensor it. or otherwise you may see a notification when clicked on link 'Connect Device' 
Synchronizing Documents

 Syncing documents with PC is a most important and useful feature in such softwares.  So you can copy and backup your contents into PC. when the documents in mobile devices are not completely sustainable. Synchronizing in Nokia Suite has become more easy because the UI displays a box headed 'In Your Computer' which helps us to sync our documents at a one click. 

Connecting To Internet

     Main aim behind using Nokia PC is connected to internet since most of us find majority of use when we want to use internet in PC through mobile devices in some situations. As i said before it was my aim. Connecting to internet has been simplified and optimized in this latest version and so you can connect to internet by clicking on 'Connect Now' Button which is displayed on left part of Software Platform. 

Make Your Device 'Memorable'

                                                                                                                             The Next feature which attracted me is the one which helps you to clean up your device's memory(Not Re-Storing). By clicking on "Your Device Is Running Out Of Memory" button you can see a window like following. (Its A Part Of That Window)

     You may click on make space and you can clean device through one click with security and safety for contents. This window also displays details like Signal and Battery Strength of your connected device.

Integration With 'Nokia Store'

 Another Noticeable feature included with this software is integration with Nokia Store (Means Old OVI Store). You can see a thumbnail with hover description of featured and popular apps and games in the right side. If you want to install those apps on your device, all you have to do is just sign in to Nokia account and clicking on "Download and install"

So much of other and usual features are included with this latest update. Hope you all will use this software and share your experiences.