Thursday, January 5, 2012

            Rumors never stops in tech world. And those rumors also takes changes due to change in time thats why the rumor about Apple's 7.5 inch tablet turned away by giving the development to Google. And as said before, this tablet is also considered as a rival to Amazon's kindle fire. The source of rumor is Digitimes as usual (Digitimes had published that apple is going to publish two i-pads in next month).
And this latest report says that Google is currently developing a 7.5 Inch Tablet PC, a rival to Amazon's Kindle Fire. Source says that Google will introduce its own, Googled-branded tablet during March-April. The device will reportedly boast a 7-inch panel and run on Android 4.0, its latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, with a price point of less than $199. Anyhow Google has taken more of a back seat role, preferring to build the operating system which powers devices, rather than get involved in the handsets themselves.