Tuesday, January 24, 2012

   When SIRI was presented in iPhone 4s, we were absolutely wondered because of standard use of artificial intelligence in that iOS app. SIRI has also a major role which made iPhone 4s popular. Since it was available on iPhone some other apps including IRIS was developed by Android developers but sadly non of them were not able to exist. Those incidents were making SIRI a differ and different one in iOS apps. But there were also some disadvantages for being a perfect personal assistant. But here let us know about an application which works on any Android Or iOS mobile device named 'Evi'. So we can call her she. This application is available on Android market and App Store even its in beta stage. This app can be more than a web search engine since its using semantic technology by True Knowledge. 

   Siri is just not very good at giving answers which aren't about the US, Evi might just be the Siri for the rest of the world, especially since Evi will run on any Andoid or iPhone, and not just the 4S. Ask “Who was President when Queen Elizabeth II was born”. Siri is unable to provide an answer and suggests performing a web search. Evi determines who Queen Elizabeth II is, when she was born, the dates when she will have been a teenager and then compares this against which US presidents were in office over that time, delivering the results of both serving US presidents during those years.Its much better than a web search right ?. You may type your question or ask directly to Evi for getting a better answer. 

         Evi has an ontology of tens of thousands of classes into which everything that can be talked about falls. She also knows almost a billion ‘facts’ (machine understandable bits of knowledge) and, says True Knowledge, she can infer trillions more when needed.Evi also integrates lots of other sources, such as Yelp for local searches, external mobile friendly websites, APIs, traditional search etc. One and only less feature than SIRI is the absence of ability to add Reminders and notes your calender. Hope this will not be a matter for majority. Anyway when comparing with SIRI, it has something more for being an Perfect Personal Assistant.