Sunday, December 25, 2011

Its A Watch ! Really 
        All of us uses watches. At first time watches were used to know time and some features like date, day, temperature were migrated to watches. And some months before Apple's concept "I-Watch" was also introduced. But the Motorola ACTV is quite different because it is a watch as well it has some much extra ordinary features than a watch. This news was published by Chris Wade .
      Anyway let us look at that latest gadget from Motorola. ACTV is making you as a robot (Not Actually) so your hands gets the inability to surf the web and play your favourit games such as Angry Birds. You can access the huge internet and enjoy the spirit of gaming by just keeping your watch straight to your eyes. And its being considered as an Android watch since it runs on Android platform. 
           Unlike some of the other Android-powered watches we’ve seen pop up in recent months, the MotoACTV actually sports a half-decent spec sheet. During the teardown, Wade found a 600 MHz OMAP 3630 processor and 256 MB of RAM, which provides enough oomph to handle nearly everything Wade threw at it. After he managed to finagle the Honeycomb launcher and Market access onto the little guy (check out the video below), the end result was a compelling lilliputian Android tablet. This watch has even a fast booting facility, included in it. When we hold the power key the boot menu will start appearing. 

 Other Specs for the Motorola Actv

     - CPU: omap3 (3630) - 600 MHz
     - Ram: 256MB
     - Nand: 8GB
     - Wifi: 802.11n
     - BlueTooth: Yes
     - Fm Radio: Yes
     - GPS: Yes
     - LCD: 1.6" QCIF+