Wednesday, December 21, 2011

 Car thefts are being done in this society. And the human brain has found an awesome way for preventing this car theft through the growth of Technology. Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo is behind this venture. The invented seat is getting an extra sense to do this. Using this technology, the car seats can know the pressure applied on it when we sits. There are about 360 sensors in seats and each sensor measures this variations and sends it to a laptop which is able to analyse this information to show key data like the highest value of pressure, area of contact on the seat (see below), and other factors. According to its makers, the system was able to identify drivers with 98% accuracy during experiments. 

        Development of this technology was started last year in the university and the recent new reports says that the research team is going to collaborate and commercialize this technology with the companies in 3 years and it will surely help the anti-theft system.