Wednesday, December 14, 2011

         Microsoft's Skydrive team has launched their Application which helps Apple iOS users to use Skydrive Online File Storage service by their smartphone or Tablet PC. And its the latest application from Microsoft whose appearance was seen in iOS. Functioning of this application is same and simple in both devices. The setup of this app is much simple since you can simply login with your Windows Live account and use this file storage service for free. If you have logged into this app using your Windows Live account, an easy, big, awesome online space will be waiting for getting files from you and keeping it safe. 
             This app will be especially very useful for Mobilers who changes handsets continuesly. It will also makes a solution for transferring your files from an Windows Phone To an i-Phone because it supports in both OSs. But the sad news is Android has not still whitelisted for providing it's users Skydrive App.