Monday, December 19, 2011

Google Doodle On Robert Noyce's 84th Birthday

           From 1998, they are creating and filling their homepage(Most of ours too) very nice to see and capable to express a thought or a day's specialty. Yes i am telling about Google doodles. recently i had visited their old website which show me a nice collection of Google Doodles since the 1998 and i had saved my favourits too. And the latest news from Google's official blog says that they have designed a brand New Website for exhibiting their all Doodles. In this new website you can see, play, google doodles. And these doodles are compactly arranged so we can categorize them by month, year and also different countries. And some interactive doodles like playing guitar, watching a film are also available in this website. 
      If you are really loving of Google Doodles, you could even wear them. You can hang it to your wall or print in your shirts from the Doodle Store Attached with this website.