Friday, December 16, 2011

        As per the Report of Microsoft, Internet Explorer, the inbuilt browser with windows OS would start automated updating from next January 2012. According to their blog post this system is for working against the hacking and phishing and give users a better web. By making sure that the user is using the latest version, company can provide more security and help from malwares and harmful websites.  
           Most of the activities such as hacking and phishing is being done through the loopholes of browsers. So in this time Microsoft has to be secure in the update since all other browsers like 'Mozilla' and 'Google' Chrome updates automatically. As per the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report , most of the cyber crimes are done through non-up to date softwares. But all users should turn on Windows Update option for getting this feature. [According to me its useful for nothing since i always keep windows update turned off.]