Wednesday, December 14, 2011

  Today i saw an advertisement in TV, first i thought that it was an add of some gadgets or some mobile devices but i also noticed the name Google after that ad. Whatever it is now i am here for telling you about Google's MobileMoves [ The One Which I Had Seen In Ad], which is a brand new project from Google. 
    Actually MobileMoves can be considered as a demo centre which provides you cool Demo videos and Tips for using smartphone quite brilliantly and usefully.And their policy is learn and share since this project allows you to share your experiences with smart  communication [ Smartphone communication] as well as you could learn the tips to utilize your smart device completely. You can also add your own experiences with "smartphone+web"  as the type of videos. Some videos about Google Search, Google Voice Search, And other Services From Google has been instantly published in this website. You can simply login to this website with your google account and make a Cool MobileMoves.