Friday, December 23, 2011

    Now there are so many ways used for producing electricity in our world. But most of them at a risk since they uses the natural resources. And finding a completely restorable and reliable source for tomorrow's electricity is still hasn't got an correct end. 
                       If Sony's effort is getting successful, we don't have to find another because this new technology allows to produce electric energy from waste papers. And it will be more helping us to charging mobile devices from just waste papers. Introduction to this awesome technology, Bio-Battery was announced in the Eco Product Exhibition held in Tokyo. and the company states that the technology is completely Eco-friendly and no elements hazardous to nature is added to this. Here the paper pieces gets converted into sugar then electricity is produced. And this technology still needs more research to make it practical and used by huge amount. As an Eco-friendly product, The international Environmental organization Green piece has also show its green flag for it. 

               The introduction of this project was also interesting. Employees invited children to drop piece of paper and cardboard into a liquid made up of water and enzymes, and then to shake it. The equipment was connected to a small fan which began spinning a few minutes later.The process works by using the enzyme cellulase to decompose the materials into glucose sugar. These were then combined with oxygen and further enzymes which turned the material into electrons and hydrogen ions. The electrons were used by the battery to generate electricity. Water and the acid gluconolactone, which is commonly used in cosmetics, were created as by-products. And we could hope that the technology will take part in the huge level of electric energy production as well as battery charging.