Friday, December 30, 2011

      2011 is going to have it's end. And all of us are ready to welcome a fresh year, 2012 also with wishing a 'Good Bye' to 2011. Anyway so many re-views may have cracked in your mind when remembering about sad and happy things happened in this year. Anyway lets see an another type of re-view. How " Was 2011 As A Technology Year ? ". Giving An Elaboration of all things happened in 2011 through technology is not possible since its infinite and so i am going to give you a small article that will help you to remember 2011. 
   Actually this year was social networks. Even the most famous thing in this year is the result of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Whatever it is, let us take a brief look.

What Did 2011 Welcome ?


  Amazon Kindle Fire : It was one of the most discussed and famous gadgets in 2011. And the low price of this gadget was the main reason for that. 

SIRI : SIRI, The Awesome Result Of Artificial Intelligence. This application was released with the launching of Apple i-phone 4s and it made a shake in the tech world. And so much appreciation and problems were faced by this venture of SRI international. 

Who Said Bye Bye To World In 2011 ?

The Co-founder of Apple Steve jobs was passed away from the tech world in October 6th. And he was the man who found the real future and helped Apple and MacOS to step up. 

       The Founder of " C Programming Language " and co-founder of UNIX operating system, Dennis Ritchie. His name is precious in the way of technology since all features like Linux, MacOS,iOS, JavaScript and more are based on this c programming. October was also an eyewitness of his passing away. 


And some other interesting events were done in this 2011. Let Us View a short list. Most of those events are birthdays. 
  •   The 20th Birthday Of World Wide Web : World Wide Web was started on 1991 August 6.
  •   40th Birthday Of E-Mail ( E-Mail Was Started On 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. )
  •   10th Birthday Of Wikipedia : Online Free Encyclopedia.
  •   10th Birthday of  Apple iPod 

  •  So Many Google Services like, Google Wave, Google Knol, Google Buzz were shut down     in this year

      Anyway 2011 was an nice year for technology including some new threads of thoughts and gadgets. And we are still waiting for 2011 in the hope for getting some awesome technology news and bringing to you.