Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Facebooked Android
A Facebook Phone Is Now Practical

        A Facebook Phone ? Facebook is not able to be expressed with words and growing seconds by seconds our you may have seen our recent post about facebook desktop client which was  a quite interesting news and here we have something to tell you. Facebook had partnered so many famous companies in the basis for making a Facebook Phone but sadly non of these devices were sold more. Vodafone blue is an example for this which was pulled back to backstage due to the absence of features. and so android and iOS is ruling the mobile Facebook through their rich stuffs and apps. 
                                                                Now , Finally , tech news says that Facebook has made an partnership with HTC for developing a Facebook phone with its own OS which is a custom android OS. And this custom Operating System is expected to be famous where Facebook can attract users with deeper software integration and other features. The customization of Android OS will be a milestone because Facebook could add some google developed apps like Gmail, cloud and more as well as they adds their own services. and replace Android app store with their apps in newly developed HTML5 platform, and it could fight against apple app store too when the Facebook apps becomes more personalized. But this device is expected to be launched in 1 or 2 years, a long time. If Facebook can make a hi-tech mobile device combining with HTC its sure that mobile social network and tech world would be ruled by Facebook.