Friday, November 25, 2011

Native Webcam Support From Google Chrome ; Video Chat Made Easy
                     Google Chrome, famous web browser is waiting for 2012 when  the Google developer advocate Paul Kinlan announced about the upcoming features of chrome in early 2012. And these features very useful when they are listed as Native webcam support and Game-pad Support along with WebRTC. This news was announced in Develop Conference which was held in Liverpool. The conference is focused on game development And so the features first goes to the gaming features and webcam. First, there will be plug-and-play gamepad, webcam, and microphone support in Chrome, and second, real time communication protocol WebRTC will begin to be implemented as well. And these features will help to high quality video chat and online gaming services. 
                                                          And Paul Kinlan also commented that On-live online gaming service is working associated with google where this association could offer nice features such as Google+ integrated gaming. Anyway this native integration will be a huge help to Video Chat and On-Line Gaming.