Thursday, October 20, 2011

  Smartphones going to become cheap ??

                                                     News that publishes says smartphones are going to become cheap in the case of price. The price of smartphone are increasing day by day when we are getting much more than we expect. As i said each small invention in tech world can make big changes. Today i have to tell about a new invention which could control the increasing price of smartphone. 
                                    Today's Topic is " ARM CORTEX A 7 ". Its the latest chipset from ARM industries and it has the capability for controlling the price of smartphones. And this decrease in the price of mobile will help countries such as India. And this chip will explode its performance when it is mixed with other processors. ARM claims that famous gadget companies such as Samsung, LG, Texas Instruments, etc. are ready for making gadgets with this ARM A 7Processor. 
                                                                When comparing to the other chips A 7 would have one fifth of size but it keeps the performance much stronger and smarter. And this type of chip will contribute to the tech world in high level.