Friday, October 28, 2011

              Samsung Rockzzzz

                                                                                  I think its the time for Samsung. Or how could Samsung exhibit these types of works in their each stuff ? The statistics by Strategy Analytics says that the majority share in the production of smartphone has been contributed by Samsung Mobiles and Samsung has achieved the first price by breaking down apple and other companies. The statistics of July-September is expressing this interesting news.  
                 Samsung had manufactured 27.8 Million smartphone in the time of July-September. Galaxy smartphone from Samsung was the most influenced factor which had helped Samsung to archive this big success. The report also says that this success will also help the popularity and usage of Android OS. Other companies such as Nokia has got big failure in the case of smartphone production because in the case of Nokia, Their market share became half of the market share in last year {14.4 %} and Nokia Got the second place.
                                                                          And this news shows that Android is able to archive more and more again. And high production and popularity is expected from Nokia Mobiles due to their change to Windows Phone 7 Platform.