Wednesday, October 12, 2011

       Microsoft Touch Mouse            

  As i said before change is essential for each service. So the tech is always changing with the time. But this theory was not practical in the case of computer mouse and it has been continuing in its old shape and design except the arrival of laser. 
                                  But now Microsoft has launched their new mouse to change this theory. They have launched their 'Touch Mouse' which is able to change the history of computer mouse and its working based on Blue-track technology which will help you to control your computer with some smooth moves. and simple touch will also simplify your PC.  And they have optimized scrolling , minimizing , maximizing and lots more features in this mouse. And so its not a equipment to click. 
        But i am very sad about its price which is not affordable for basic PC users. Its available in India @ Around 3999 Rs. And i don't think will become not much famous because of this big price. For More information About Touch Mouse Watch this following video.