Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Samsung Nexus Prime Postponed.

Samsung Google Nexus Prime
                                                       All of us were waiting for October 11th because Samsung galaxy nexus prime was planned to publish in October 11th. But these days tech world was very sad due to the death of apple company's former and CEO Steve jobs. And this death has made a lots of sadness in Samsung too. And so that Samsung has postponed the date of Samsung galaxy nexus prime launch.
                                        Its a big news because there were a nice relationship between apple and Samsung but in other side there were some misunderstanding due to the patent problems. Anyway this news shows that the end of Steve jobs is the end of an different age in tech...
                             Google nexus prime was ready to have a nice place in the world of smartphone with its Android OS 4.0 {icecreamsandwich} and its also consist of nice performance through 1.5 GHz processor. And all the features are present in this smartphone which are needed for a nice and brilliant smartphone. As usual this android phone was also ready to become the prince of smartphone too. So many people were waiting for this phone because they were very anxious about the features that could be present in a smartphone which is formed through the combination of two grand companies Samsung and Google.