Thursday, October 6, 2011

                                   More Than You Expect........

                      I-Phone 4 comes again. can you expect this type of news. but you have to we were waiting for i-phone 5 and breaking all the anxieties ' i-phone 4 s ' has announced instead of i-phone 5. But not to avoid this phone from good phones list because its a new version of old phone. Apple has included most of the features which was expected to be present in i-phone. And this phone is also working on i OS 5. When we noticed about it's price we were excited and thought that its the reply to amazon's kindle fire hence the i-phone 4 s is available for $199(16GB) {Amazon kindle fire was also priced $199}. Apple i-phone 4 s is capable of so many features which is very profitable for this price. And its sure that Apple i-phone will be able to reach on each mobiler's hand because of its affordable price.
                                                                               Now Lets look at i-phone 4s's tech specs. Its a nice phone which is able to exhibit high level of performance through its iOS 5 and awesome hardware features. Its the first Dual Core phone from Apple and you can get more than what you expect. i-phone 4s is working with a A5 chip.About 200 new features are added to 'i-phone 4 s' such as notification centre, i-message and i-cloud. The i-phone 4s comes with a nice 8MP camera which will help you to store your digital memories. Video quality is also awesome video recording is on 1080p HD. 

                 I-cloud is a nice feature is  included in i-phone 4s. So you can save your contents on i-cloud. all the documents will be safe in i-cloud through synchronizing your i-phone 4s. I-phone 4s is providing a nice battery backup. it provides 8 Hours{3G}, 14 Hours{2G}, and 10 Hours {video}. You can browse lots more through this phone since its giving us a 9 hours WI-Fi browsing and 6 hours of 3G browsing.
                                                       The most interesting feature that this phone is working on two modes {GSM & CDMA}. so this feature will increase the phone's popularity. And data supporting also great. In 3G you will get 14.4 Mbps speed which is double than i-phone 4. And i think that i need not talk about the apps in i-phone as in other Apple products, millions of nice apps are available in i-phone 4s.
                 And all these services shows that  i-phone 4s will rock in the mobility world and make a nice mobility culture too.