Thursday, September 29, 2011

             Amazon Kindle Fire Really Fire !!

                                                                     Finally Amazon has published their new footstep to the tablet PC world. Amazon Kindle Fire Has been published. Its a great tablet which can unite web , movies , apps ,books , games , and much more.And its sure that Kindle Fire is and big challenge to apple I Pad. The most interesting fact is its price. We all know whats the prize of a tablet PC, We need  approximately $500  to make an I pad ours. But You can buy a Amazon Kindle Fire for just $199 {approximately 10000 Rs}. Isn't it great ??. There were lots of rumors about Amazon's tablet in tech world and it has been revealed by the announcement of Amazon Kindle Fire.                                                                    
                            Amazon Kindle Fire was  announced by the chief of amazon Jeff Bisos and as reported the tablet was 7 inches long and 413 grams weight. Amazon Kindle will reach market on November 2011. And the pre-booking of Kindle fire was started on wednsday.And after the launching of this Tab , the share value of Amazon has increased by 4.9 %.

Amazon Kindle Fire
                                                                                                     Amazon has developed a great cloud computing system for this tablet. And it will use the maximum level of cloud computing in it's performance. So we can save the whole index of Kindle fire in the servers. And We can use the huge App-store of Amazon too.
                      Fire is working on Android OS as reported in these days. But Amazon says that they have developed a new User Interface which is entirely different from the genuine Android User Interface. And a new Browser which is named "Amazon Silk" is also arriving with the TAB.
                     The Fire Users would be blessed by the features such as Films , Music , Apps , Books , Newspapers and lots more. Amazon's relation between these type of content providers will also prepare Kindle fire to challenge the apple I Pad. And these details shows that Kindle Fire will wipe down Apple I Pad and start a new Era of Tab Computing.

*OMAP 4 DUAL CORE 1.2 GHz Processor By Texas Instruments.
*8 GB Internal Memory {This Tab is usirng the maximum of cloud computing and it may       not need a high internal memory}