Wednesday, August 31, 2011

   Scanner Mouse

              As i mentioned in the beggining of this blog , Each new invention in the I T & WEB World is making us highly excited. Today i have to tell you about such an invention. which can be wipe out big and heavyweight scanners from the world.
                                                                        Now i am going to tell about a brand new computer mouse made by ' LG '. This mouse is named LSM-100 Scanner Mouse. This mouse can be used as a scanner. Some days before i have posted about Logitech gaming mouse with so many marvelous features. Its a modification of the mouse too.
                                                                 Using this mouse you can scan any thing by scrolling the mouse over it. And as usual this scanned material can be saved as image , documents etc. {.jpeg, .doc, .pdf, .bmp}. And its sure that this mouse will wipe out the huge scanners from the I T world.