Monday, June 20, 2011

Chromebook Nothing But The WEB

         We all know what are the main parts of a netbook or a laptop a screen, processor, hard drive, cd drive, keyboard, and more. And now you can think about a laptop with a hard drive, OS , CD-drive. Yes the newest pc from samsung is erasing the all history of computers. There is also a specialty because its a chromebook  This chrombook doesn't have a hard drive. RAM or a Booting. This chromebook is using the cloud computing system.
                                  Its a new milestone in the history of cloud computing and personal computers thats i am sure. Samung chromebook series 5 was arrived in the tech world just last week. This chromebook has not a hard drive so we cant store any data or install any programmes in this computer. And it hasn't a operating system except chrome WEB OS so this chromebook have a long booting process too. And if you switches on this chromebook in just 12 seconds you can start using it.
                                       And there is a most interesting fact that this chromebook hasn't a desktop. Actually this book is manufactured especially full time webbies who wants to enjoy the awesome features of cloud if you connect a USB device to the book the contents will appear on the browser and you cannot copy the content the data to the computer all works and datas in the chromebook will be saved in the cloud computing server. And it can be accessed by logging in to an other chromebook.The manufactures of chromebook says that disappearance of hard disk and other contents will decrease the weight of chromebook.and through the web store of google we can use the other programmes to photo editing and more.But Samsung chromebook is not a practical move. Because the cloud computing and internet is facing dangerous problems now. In the case of price Samsung is making the users sad its price is approximately 24000 rupees. By this price we can buy an other laptop with all features. Any how its a new and variety milestone in the history of PC