Friday, April 6, 2012

  Finally Apple has caught by hackers. Yes hackers have found a super way to break Mac's Security features. It has been reported that lot of Mac computers are being affected by Viruses. The reports says that More Than A Half-million Macintosh computers May Have Been Infected With A Virus Targeting Apple machines.

   Flashback Trojan malware tailored to slip past "Mac" defenses is a variation on viruses typically aimed at personal computers (PCs) powered by Microsoft's Windows operating systems. The infections, spotted "in the wild" by Finland-based computer security firm F-Secure. And the hackers are aiming at Apple Devices which hadn't reported any major security problems."All the stuff the bad guys have learned for doing attacks in the PC world is now starting to transition to the Mac world," McAfee Labs director of threat intelligence Dave Marcus told AFP.
Dr. Web has also reported that 600,000 Mac Computers has been affected by this virus and hackers can steal potentially valuable personal data and financial account numbers through this loophole. Hackers trick Mac users into downloading the virus by disguising it as an update to Adobe Flash video viewing software. Currently the popularity and number of Mac users has been increasing day by day as equivalent to Microsoft Windows. And this popularity is the reason which forced Hackers to develop and manipulate this Virus.

   And it is a big warning to computer users. Computer users, no matter their operating systems of choice, need to protect machines with tactics including up-to-date anti-virus programs and avoiding risky habits such as opening files or clicking links from unknown sources. And also remarking that the security of no special device is completely protected. So Please be careful while using computer and especially using internet. Or you may have preys of these such cruel hacking. And you may have miss your personal documents and money too. So again saying, 
                                  Please Be Careful


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